9 February 2012

Effortless Style

If ever there was a woman who epitomizes being effortlessly stylish, it is Sarah Jessica Parker.  We all know colour blocking is a hot trend right now, but instead of going the obvious route like these celebs, SJP takes the idea and makes it all her own.  She does this with such ease, but follows the trend down to every last detail including the orange Moët & Chandon champagne box she has under her arm and the pink file folder she has tucked in her red purse.

See what I mean?  Style hero!

Seeing her pull this outfit off so well got me to thinking.  Trends are great but you have to add your own unique flair to them and be willing to skip them altogether if they don't work for you.  Easier said than done, I know.  When skinny jeans first came out, I thought I'd never find a pair to fit around my curves and not make me look like the Kool-Aid man.  But...I waited and waited until I found the right pair and the right shoes and made it work for me.

In the wise words of designer Rachel Roy, make trends work for you, not the other way around!

"Dress for yourself. Don't follow the trends. Observe the trends, read about the trends, and apply them to yourself in a way that feels unique. Not all trends work. That said, try your best to be an individual, because the most attractive people in the world are the ones that are unique and have something different to say."

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