12 February 2012

Outfit Battle: Gold Gowns

Taylor Swift's outfit at the Grammys tonight reminded me of the Alexander McQueen Gown with headdress that Lady Gaga wore last year, and it got me to wondering...do famous people call each other when they have similar outfits and make sure it's ok to wear in public??  My friends and I at times have bought the same clothes because, well, sometimes something is just too cute to leave on the rack.  We always do the check in "hey, are you wearing that dress from that time? you know the one we both have?" to make sure it's all good and no one shows up in the same outfit.

I wonder if Taylor called up Gaga and said "Hey Gaga, it's Tay-tay.  Mind if I wear a Zuhair Murad gown to the Grammys that is kinda biting on that McQueen you wore last year?  You know, the gold one with the head thing?"

These are the things that go through my head at the Grammys...cause besides Chris Brown's pretty rad dance moves and thet incredible night Adele had, the rest of it was pretty much a snoozefest.  I did think Jessie J looked fabulous - the dress is kinda like a disco ball but her hair and makeup were a really pretty way complement to the flashiness of it.

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