6 February 2012

Sweet Revenge

I have sat on my hands, stopping myself from blogging about this toooo long!  Ok, ok, it's only been about 36 hours.  BUT, I had an encounter with an ex yesterday...and I have to say "I WIN!"  If you have ever been a man, woman or child screwed over by an ex, you will both understand and delight in this fact with me and wonder how I waited so long to share it with y'alls.

So, what do I mean by "I WIN"?  Well, let me break it down for ya:

a) I looked hot and he didn't.  I had my hair long and flowy and freshly cut, my eyes were subtly smoky, my outfit put together but also a bit sexy, and for once my nails were perfectly done.  He on the other hand was sweaty, tired and wearing a purple bandana.  Not cute.

(In his defense, he was slaving away in a kitchen preparing brunch for me and my ladies.  He's a chef, works at a cafe owned by my friend's sister, and no we didn't purposely go there knowing he'd be there.  We thought he quit long ago, but he happened to come back to work there recently without us knowing.)

b) I had back up.  I showed up with 3 of my closests friends - like I said we were there for brunch and we always have a good ol' time while we are catching up.  I knew if shit went down and I needed a hug or someone to clock him in the face, I would be ok.

On the other hand, he got lectured by my friend's sister before we arrived.  She told him she thought he should apologize to me if he thought he "had done something to apologize for" and his co-workers overheard.  Poor fella probably felt sheepish in front of his co-workers and imagined himself the target of multiple staredowns from my girls.  For the record there were no staredowns...but also no apologies.  Yes, that's right, he didn't man up, but no surprise there given his track record.

c)  Most importantly, I realized what I hadn't been missing out on all this time not being with him.  Sometimes, you tend to romanticize the qualities that you like in someone, so much so that you forget all their shortcomings.  After seeing him again, I realized that all I was missing out on was an immature man-boy who had two chances to do the right thing and apologize, but was too weak, scared or stupid to take either of them.  And quite frankly, I have no time for people like that in my life, no matter how smart or funny or sexy that person might appear.

So, to sum it up:  I freaking WIN!  

Peace out,
Miss M

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