4 February 2012

Let It Go

It's Saturday morning - a beautiful, sunny type of morning that reminds me why I wouldn't want to live anywhere else except Vancouver.  I have tea in the kettle, my laptop powered up and ready to deliver all the news of the day, and a hockey game on tv in the background.  Yeah, I'm Canadian, and there is nothing like hockey on Saturdays.

My tea is almost steeped, when I hear one little phrase from the announcer:  let it go.  I'm sure it was part of a whole sentence, something to do with losing a puck or escaping a hit, but "let it go" is all I hear.

And I can't help but think...among all the frustration and craziness and uncertainty that fills my life right now, this one phrase is the one I need to focus on.

Let it go.  Move on.  Be happy.  And everything else will one day fall in to place.

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