10 February 2012

If I Were a Pig...

...I would most definitely be jealous of Miss Piggy.  Hell, I'm a human and I'm jealous of her!  Why?  Well it's not because she's with Kermit the frog (though I will admit as a little girl I wanted to marry him because he was so sweet and cute), but because she seems to score designer swag like nobody's business, and now she's hosting the BAFTAs (British version of the Oscars) where she will be outfitted by Louis Vuitton.  Last year was big year for her too...new movie, spreads in fashion magazines like InStyle and hangin' out with Marc Jacobs.

Miss Piggy in Prabal Gurung - from her InStyle photo shoot.

She knows people in high high places, including Marc Jacobs.

If you're wondering why I find this so fascinating...well...a puppet pig has a nicer wardrobe than 99.9% of the world.  Isn't there something odd about this?!?!   Ah, life is so unfair...

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