24 February 2012

The New "It' Girls: Heiress Edition

It seems like ever other week there is a new "it" girl in fashion/celebrity circles.  They can be the model of the moment (Karlie Kloss), the up and coming actress (Jessica Chastain), the fashionista (Anna Della Russo of Italian Vogue),  the socialite (Olivia Palmero) or...becoming more mainstream in the last 10 years...the heiress.  Think Paris and Nicky Hilton, Tori Spelling (her dad Aaron was a huge Hollywood producer) Aerin Lauder (granddaughter of Estée Lauder), Ivanka Trump and Dylan Lauren (daughter of Ralph Lauren).

Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Ivanka Trump
Heiress "it" girls have the right connections to money and power to do whatever they please.  They can design their own fashion line (like Nicky Hilton), come out with "music" (have you heard Paris's new single "Drunk Text" yet?  Do yourself a favour and do NOT listen to it. Horrid!), work for the family business (like Ivanka and Aerin), or have their own business (like Dylan Lauren's candy bar).  Whatever they decide to do with their lives, heiresses don't have to worry about actually being successful.  Unlike the rest of us, their families' deep pockets almost guarantee that a) they don't have to work and b) if they do have a career and fail at it, they don't ever have to worry about paying their bills.  Even if they go to jail (hello again, Paris Hilton).

So who are the new heiress "it" girls?  According to The Cut blog from NY Magazine, it's the heiresses of the Clarin's beauty empire:  Virginie, Jenna, Prisca, and Claire.  These four very chic ladies (so chic that Anna Wintour herself demanded to meet them) are born and raised in Paris, have very definitive ideas about style and mostly suprisingly possess more than a shred of gratefulness.  It's rather refreshing, and hopefully being away from celebrity obssessed America will help them preserve this.  All four work at their grandfather's brand in some capacity and are helping keep Clarins one of the top beauty brands in Europe and beyond.  

Claire, Virginie, Jenna and Prisca (from left).  Via NY Mag.
I found Prisca to be the most impressive after reading a bit about her.  She owns a chain of nail salons and claims to not have any financial backing from her family to keep the business going:  "I wanted to be independent by creating my own company, starting from nothing. I wanted to prove myself and show that I could do it without the help of my family. Every day I learn more and that experience is priceless, with all the difficulties that everyone knows who builds a company."   Intriguing words from an heiress to a $1 billion dollar fortune, indeed.

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