17 February 2012

Fashion Blog Alert: Frills and Thrills

I am totally loving a blog I recently came across called Frills and Thrills, so I thought I'd share it with y'all.      It's written by a lady named Sam from South Africa (how cool!  always dreamed of going there).  Her most recent posts about NY Fall Fashion Week 2012 (she's got loads of pictures!) as well as a great post on "Anti-Valentine's Day":

There shouldn't be just one day in a year that permits you to be an impassioned, affectionate swashbuckling soul. Sometimes the sweetest of gestures are most surprising and appreciated when you least expect it. Anti-Valentine's Day should happen just once a year, but the essence of 'Valentine's Day' should be celebrated everyday. 

My definition of a great blog is something with style and substance.  We all love looking at fashion and being up on the latest trends, but you have to "keep it real" sometimes with a post about real life.  Will definitely keep reading this great blog!

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