28 February 2012

Real Housewives of Vancouver: Premiering April 4th

A few weeks back, I shared my excitement in hearing that the Real Housewives of Vancouver would be premiering soon.  Slice TV has now announced the exact date (April 4th!) and finally shared who the 5 housewives are, though the cat was out of the bag on these ladies long ago.

From left: Ronnie Negus (mom of 5, winery owner), Christina Kiesel (twice divorced self described jet-setter), Jody Claman (businesswoman and mom), Mary Zilba (former pop singer, divorced mom of 3) and Reiko MacKenzie (mom of 2, luxury car aficionado)

In honour of Canada's first Real Housewives franchise (sorry Toronto!), I will be live tweeting the premiere as well as posting a full recap on this blog.  Stay tuned for more RHOV!

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