2 April 2012

DIY: Low Back Bra

Low back dresses and tees seem to be everywhere right now.  Ever time I pick one up, I wonder what I could wear underneath.  Should I go Carrie Bradshaw and let my (pretty) bra show?  That's an option, but you gotta have the right look to pull it off.

Carrie B. showing her bra off in style.

Instead of going the visible bra route, there is also the low back bra.  Or, if you are feeling crafty, I found a way to transform a regular bra into a low back one through a blog called Tights and Tea:

You do need a sewing machine, but we all have a crafty friend or auntie or someone who can help out with the sewing part.  Even for a non sewer like me, this seems fairly simple.  Instead of buying a new bra, update an old one with some adjustments for a low back.  Check out the full instructions at Tights and Tees, and more fun crafts through my Pinterest board "She's Crafty!".

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