26 April 2012

RHOV Recap: Crazy Town

I'm a little late on the recap, but here it is!  Episode 5 of the Real Housewives of Canada was a lot of buildup to one event at the end of the show, AGAIN.  Kind of getting tired of this formula, but I must watch anyway!

The episode started as per normal with the ladies separately getting together to gossip about each other (Jody & Ronnie, Mary & Christina), and the lone neutral 'wife Reiko showing off her awesome cars and awesome model walk.  Mary and Ronnie continued to battle about their text war, and Christina decided to make the bold move to skip Ronnie's ladies tennis get together in order to back up Mary.  A brave choice but not with out consequences as we will see later on.

To both their credit, Mary and Ronnie did try to bury the hatchet over a glass of wine during this episode. Unfortunately, Ronnie showed up to the reconciliation loaded as all hell, and slurring her words.  It was a mish-mash of love and hate, as no sooner had the ladies decide to make a toast to their 17 year old friendship, the toast was interrupted by more bickering.  It was really one of the most bizarre things I've seen on this show.  What we did all learn is that these two have put their friendship through the ringer over the years and were't going to let some scathing text messages get in their way.  Or so they declared at that particular moment over that particular glass (bottle? bottles?) of wine.

Reiko modelling with some hot cars (via The Province)
The awesomeness of Reiko's life was on full display this episode, again.  Good thing she's smart enough to come across as humble and self-deprecating on television, cause otherwise it would be pretty damn annoying to all us regular, not-rich folks after a while.  Not only did Reiko get to enter 3, count them THREE, of her hot-ass cars in an exclusive looking car show (and says my brother, it actually is exclusive), but she got to model designer clothes in a photo shot promoting the car show.  I am pretty sure, after watching her practice walking the runway for the upcoming fashion show as well as model designer clothes, that Reiko is my girl crush.  She's attractive, smart, level-headed and carefree.  I am as surprised about this as you are, trust me.  I had Reiko pegged as the typical trophy wife from the press releases and previews before the show aired, but I guess looks really are deceiving!

After Reiko rocked the car show photo shoot, came the drama.  It all started with Mary's photo shoot for her scarf line (again, with the photo shoots, but Mary's was not as hot as Reiko's).  Basically, Mary's scarf line is some over priced knits and inexplicable yards of tulle that you can tie in bows or wrap around and around you.  I can't really see these pieces being stocked at Holt Renfrew anytime soon, but then again, I've been wrong before and I will probably be wrong again.

Once the photo shoot was over, Mary decide what better thing to do that invite the big 'ol happy RHOV family over to the rented penthouse where the shoot took place to celebrate her success.  She was imagining a tame affair, but boy was she wrong.  Jody immediately began pushing Mary's buttons and commenting about Christina's overt sexuality (which again, if she puts it out there herself, is kind of fair game don't you think?).  Jody tied one of Mary's precious scarves around Christina's eyes and began making dirty blindfold jokes.  Then Ronnie stepped up the drama at notch by calling Christina out for not coming to her tennis party.  Christina was straight up with her as to why she didn't come (cause she's on Team Mary), but seemed to waver a bit in delivering her pro- Mary stance.  Then Ronnie got into it with Mary again, asking why she would show her text messages to both Jody and Christina (to try to get them on her side.  DUH Ronnie! Have you never seen an episode of any of the Real Housewives?  Come on!).  Those were fighting words, and Mary, to her credit, was not backing down.  She tossed Ronnie out of the suite and the others followed suit, including....Christina!  And with no explanation at all, leaving Mary to lick her wounds on her own.  Little Miss C might not be so pro-Mary it seems?  Guess we'll hear more on that next episode, when Mary tries to down play her "crazy" reputation and Reiko walks the runway at the car show fashion presentation.  

Best line of the night is from Jody, commenting on Mary's "crazy" outburst (via Canada.com):

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