8 April 2012

Miss M's Recipe for a Good Stiff, Drink

When I was younger, drinking was for getting drunk.  Now that I'm a mature and wise adult (ha!), I drink to enjoy the taste of my drink.  Not exclusively though, I do still drink to get drunk once in a while...I am human after all!

Anyway, now that you all think I'm a lush (I'm not! seriously!), I thought I'd start sharing some of my favourite drink recipes with you.  The first one is a simple one, but very refreshing and a good way to get a taste for whiskey if you can't drink it on its own yet (which I can't!  no shame.).  I first tried it while in Ireland and that was nearly 2 years ago, but I still find myself drinking this over any other option.  It's simple to make too!

Jameson & Seven:
1 Shot Jameson Whiskey (or other Irish whiskey like Bushmills or Powers)
1 wedge of lime
7Up (not Sprite!)

Fill a tall glass with ice and pour the Jameson shot over.  Top off with as much 7up as you like and garnish with the lime.  You can also substitute the 7up with ginger ale (not my favourite but others do like it).  


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