18 April 2012

RHOV Recap: The Peacemaker

Tonight's episode of RHOV featured the sword swinging, martial arts champion, speedster Reiko trying to be the peacemaker.  Something tells me these ladies wouldn't get along with each other even if she threatened to beat them up, but she did have some small successes.  More on that later on.

Reiko Mackenzie in her hot ride.
The episode was generally pretty tame to start.  Reiko and Jody went racing in one of Reiko's hot cars at a track, which Jody was shocked to discover had a port-a-potty.  Best line of the night came early on from Reiko: "Apparently the Queen does not care for a plastic throne." HA!  Reiko is really growing on me.  She's funny, has interest other than creating nonsense drama and she could probably kick anyone's ass both on the street and in her hot ride.  Gotta give Jody props for trying to live up to Reiko's speed demon way, but she could not keep up.

Mary and Christina met up to discuss Christina's ill-fated coffee date with Jody, where she ended up in tears.  Mary as always was sweet and supportive, revealing that she was planning her own meet-up with Mean Queen Jody.  Christina again declared that she would not take being bullied by Jody any longer.   We will see how that works for her later.

Jody Claman dishing on lunch with Mary.
Jody and Mary's lunch started with Mary rattling off all the business and successes in her life, which was a bit awkward.  It got more awkward when Jody suggested that Mary sing jingles.  Yes, she suggested to a 6 time number one single (on the Canadian charts) artist to sing jingles.  Nice work Jody, but as we see later in the episode Mary decides to try to launch a new single instead.  Good move Mary.  The ladies also discussed Ronnie's continued text battle with Mary.  Ronnie is still pissed about how Mary did not stop her from over-drinking at past events and she felt Mary was being a bad friend.  Jody made an interesting point that perhaps Ronnie feels Mary owes her for being the shoulder Mary cried on after her latest break up.  I think there is probably a lot of truth in that and Ronnie pretty much confirmed this in the next scenes.

Next we saw Ronnie playing tennis with her niece (who for some reason looks up to Ronnie.  I guess we all have to have a standard to try to achieve to, right?), after which Ronnie decide why not make a RHOV tennis date and duke it out on the court?  Good idea Ronnie.  Give these ladies rackets and balls and let them figure out their differences that way.  Then we'll see who comes out on top.  Interestingly, Ronnie did talk about how she wasn't sure if her relationship with Mary was worth saving, but that being so close as friends can make tension that much more strong.  Good poin and I can say from my own experience, when you see your best friend put herself in such emotionally precarious situations time after time, it does take a toll on your friendship, especially if you are close.  When someone you love like a sister continually puts herself in a position to get hurt and looks to you to help deal with the aftermath, it does become tiring and make you wonder why you bother to help pick up the pieces when nothing you say will help prevent the situation from coming up again.

Anyway, I digress.  After Mary's Lebanese costume party, Mia's extravagant birthday bash and Reiko's gathering of the mommies and their little girls, came the big event:  Reiko's peacemaking dinner at Coast.  It seemed as if Christina was bulking up her emotional and physical strength in anticipation of this dinner, as earlier in the episode we saw her both doing kickboxing and going to therapy.   A nice well-rounded preparation sequence for a RHOV drama filled dinner, in my eyes!   Christina has obviously been doing her RH homework!

Reiko's goal of fixing Mary-Ronnie, Jody-Christina, Ronnie-Christina during dinner didn't start out so well.  First off, Mary bailed, but instead of calling former BFF Ronnie, she called new BFF Christina which did not sit well with Ronnie.  Then, Jody declared that Christina needed to address their last conversation in a "polite manner".  Um bossy, much?  Jody's daughter Mia came up in conversation next and Christina kindly owned up to and apologized about bringing up this in the first place.  Not exactly the attack on Jody she seemed to be gearing up for prior to dinner, but I guess there is always the option to "kill them with kindness".  Christina's apology seemed to clear the air a little bit, enough for Jody to declare that she "loves Christina and anyone that apologizes to her".  Hmm quick turn of opinion, a bit too quick don't you think?  I can't see this lasting long...

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