6 April 2012

The Hunt Is Over

My search for the perfect cross-body bag has spanned months upon months.  I've looked high and low for the right style, shape and colour.  I've purchased other bags in absence of finding a great cross-body.  I've lusted after many options only to shy away from a purchase because it just wasn't the "one".  

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, the search is over.  Free shipping and a sale at Neiman Marcus gave me the push I needed to end the search for the perfect cross-body bag to call my own:

MARC BY Marc Jacobs Crossbody - Preppy Leather Sia in Cherry

Isn't she cute?  I love the simple shape but that it's a bold colour.  Looking forward to getting my hot little hands on this bag in a few days ($10 priority shipping!  gotta love it...).

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