22 April 2012

Going to the Chapel

Bridal Fashion Week 2012 is about to wrap up, and there were some very non-tradtional gowns displayed on the runways of NYC.  Red, black, high slits and transparent looks were all very popular, which is both surprising and refreshing.  Sometimes wedding wear can be pretty bland (Hello strapless princess gown? 2003 called and they want you back...), so some unique options so we all won't have to look like our cake topper in life size form is a relief.

Despite the fact that I am NOT getting married anytime soon (and honestly, sigh of relief for that...!), it's fun to daydream about what I might wear.  InStyle has a great recap of the best looks so far, but I thought I'd share mine as well.

I love the mermaid style cut of this gown and the veil is something I would imagine Megan from Mad Men would have worn to her wedding with Don.  (Oscar de la Renta)

Again the mermaid cut is a pretty but sexy choice.  I love the layered tulle at the bottom of the gown and the sheer top. (Reem Acra)

There is something very modern yet traditional about this gown.   The layers of tulle floating from the bodice create an etheral look but the rest of the gown is a simple cut. (Monique Lhuillier)

Wearing this bold red would be a bit out of my comfort zone, but being Indian, we traditionally wear red as brides.  This is a beautiful choice to mix both Indian and Western traditions.  Question: would one wear a veil and if so, what colour? (Vera Wang)

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