21 April 2012

Miss M's Recipe for a GSD: Coconut Cream Soda

If you don't know, I'm a big fan of the GSD - Good, Stiff Drink.  I thought it would be fun to keep sharing some of my favourite drink recipes, as I started last week with my all time favourite Jameson and Seven.

This week's recipe is from the fabulous Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna, BC.  I used to travel a lot for work, and the 'El was my absolute favourite place to stay while in Kelowna.  The rooms there are cozy and charming, the staff are wonderful and the food & drinks fabulous.  I highly recommend this lakeside hotel.

Anyway, during one of my visits to the 'El, I happened to need a GSD and stumbled upon the Coconut Cream Soda.  It's a great warm weather drink and reminds me of far off tropical places.

Coconut Cream Soda (courtesy of the Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna, BC)
1 shot Malibu Rum
8 ounces Cream Soda (pink)
Lime Slush

Fill a high ball glass half full with lime slush.  For the lime slush, you can either purchase through slush machines at 7/Eleven or through this Rachel Ray recipe.  The key to the lime slush is that it is more tart than sweet because the cream soda and Malibu will add a lot of sweetness already.

Pour in the rum and enough cream soda to fill the glass.  Stir slightly and enjoy!

This isn't an exact image, but this is kind of what the Coconut Cream Soda should look like.
Just more neon pink from the cream soda.

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