10 June 2011

Annoying Co-Workers

I realized over the last few days how happy and relaxed I have felt at work.  I started to wonder why, then it hit me that the co-worker that most gets on my nerves has been away!  And she won't be back for another full week.  Yahoo!

Why do I find this lady so annoying?  Well, first off she is younger than me and already has a title that holds more "weight" in our organization.  I am coming from the outside, so that is understandable that she holds a higher position and really it doesn't matter all that much because we both basically do the same thing, but I think this fact is kind of the icing on the cake of frustration, lack of patience and general annoyance that I hold for this person.  She is also one of those people that easily points out when someone else has done something wrong, but when someone does this to her, she gets her back up.  Super frustrating when you want to tell her she's wrong, but also fun to watch her squirm for that millisecond before she gets back on her high horse.  I also find that she tries to emulate our boss in how she talks & dresses and takes every opportunity to talk herself up, even when we are all just at lunch and she's telling some stupid story about her husband or dog.

The truth is, as much as she bugs the hell out of me, I kind of want to feel sorry for her too.  She obviously has got very far in life at a young age, but it is clear that hasn't happened because she's a nice person or particularly interesting.  It's happened because she has likely bullied her way through people not as determined to be on top as she is and also because she is good at playing the "game" with the higher ups by pretending to look, dress, talk and act like them.  Being around her these last few months, I don't imagine that she has a lot of close friends for these reasons.  She just doesn't seem real and I can't bring myself to trust anything she does or says.

Personally, I'd rather be true to myself than anything else in this world.  And if that means I'm not going to be a VP of No one gives a crap, that's just fine by me!  This lady and all the other annoying co-workers can have at it...

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