29 June 2011

Positive Energy

I've been a bit down lately.  Maybe it's because the playoffs are over, maybe it's the lack of real summer weather in Vancouver, maybe it's just plain being tired.  I'm not sure, but the other day at work, my boss said to me "hmm, that's your pissed off face isn't it?  I've seen that a few times this week!".  Umm, oops!  That's when I knew that my bad mood was not a secret anymore and probably mostly had to do with some frustrating events happening at work.  Without getting into too much boring detail, basically I work in a department that is barely two years old but has 10X the number of customers as it did when it was first launched.  To say we've grown in multiples over a short period of time would be an understatement.

I joined that department about 5 months back and it was an eye-opening experience, especially coming from a place where my team & department rocked the company basically.  It has been a tough few months adjusting and I don't think I will be a 100% adjusted for a while.  But in the interim, I realized I have to find a way to not let the frustrations get to me.  So I am on a quest to find something that relaxes me every day.  Some people swear by exercise...this group does not include me!  Some people like a glass of wine to unwind.  A good option but not too sure about the extra calories.  And what happens if you have an extra crappy day...does that mean you have two glasses or three or four depending on the level of frustration?  I can see that getting out of hand pretty quickly :P!!!  And as for shopping, well no comment there cause I already do too much of that.

While I mull this over, for now I'm just going to try to put as much positive energy out in the world as I can and hope it comes back to me.  While doing some researching, I found this great blog with some fun quotes:  http://www.jongordon.com/ebusposter.html .  I love "Enjoy the Ride...Because you only have one!"

In the end, I do strongly believe it is all about choosing the state of mind you want to be in and I will choose to be positive.  I just may need a glass of wine or a new purse to get myself there ;).

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