12 June 2011

Canuck Crazy!

Why do I love hockey?  Well, it's fast-paced, exciting and there is fighting!  Seriously, if you have never watched hockey, you are missing out on a highly entertaining sport.  And ladies, here is a bonus:  the men in hockey are tall, buff and often really cute!

Here's the proof.  Some of the players on my hometown team, the Vancouver Canucks, are quite attractive:

Kevin Bieksa, Vancouver Canucks.  He looks a bit like Nick Lachey but much more manly.  They call him "Boom Boom" because he's always knocking opposing players down.  

Chris Higgins, Vancouver Canucks.  Check out the arms!

Dan "Hammer" Hamhuis, Vancouver Canucks.  

Maxim Lapierre, Vancouver Canucks.  Sexy AND has a french accent.  Mmm!

Ryan Kesler, Vancouver Canucks.  Kes has his own underwear line and he's not shy about showing off  his amazing abs. Sigh!

My city is going crazy over the Canucks right now. One more win and we win the Stanley Cup, which has never happened in 40 years the team has been around.  Everyone's getting into the spirit in all sorts of fun ways, including nail art in Canucks colours - blue & green:

If you're not into fancy nails, there are lots of cute options fashion wise.  My favourite thing to wear on game days is a kids size Ryan Kesler jersey with jeans and flats.  I also recently bought the super fun Canucks soccer style scarf.   I haven't gone with green nail polish yet, but totally a fun option to try out.

Whatever I'm wearing, I am crazy for the Canucks right now and can't wait for the boys to bring home the Stanley Cup. Go Canucks go!!!

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