28 June 2011

The Duchess is Coming!

In less than 48 hours, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will arrive in Canada for a 10 day tour.  It is her first official visit as a member of the royal family.  I am super excited to see what she's going to wear.  According to the NY Times Style section, she is styling 40 outfits on her own for this trip.

I was playing around on Polyvore the other day, and found some princess-like pieces I can totally see her wearing:

Duchess Purple
I can see her wearing this when stepping off the plane.  This shade of purple (or is it blue?) would look great with her dark hair and blue eyes

dresses for the duchess
Pretty much every colour would work on her skin tone, though we don't often see her in bolder colours like the purple sheath or the green dress.

gowns for the duchess
I am sure there will be an opportunity for her to wear a gown and I would love to see her in the printed Alexander McQueen.  I know SJP has already worn the dress in public, but a girl can dream!  

Whatever she ends up wearing, all eyes will be on the Duchess in just a few days!

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