13 June 2011

Jessica Simpson, Fashion Mentor???

I heard some odd and disturbing news today.  NBC has signed on Jessica Simpson as a "mentor" to aspiring fashion designers on their new reality show "Fashion Star".  Now, I know the woman has made like $750 million so far with her Jessica Simpson Collection of all sorts of clothing, accessories, shoes and luggage.  But seriously, Jessica Simpson inspiring fashion designers just because she sells a lot at the local department store is a bit of a stretch to say the least!

First of all, she has no training in fashion design.  Second, her designs are basic and fit a certain niche, which is wardrobe basics for the mainstream consumer.  Last, check out the evidence below.  Fashion mentor?  I beg to differ...

No, no, no!  All wrong.

Accessorize much?

This outfit would work if she didn't wear Daisy Dukes with it...

Rushed out the door and forgot her pants?

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