25 June 2011

Rihanna LOUD tour

I was lucky enough to get tickets for Rihanna's first of two LOUD tour stops in Vancouver.   I'm a huge fan because she's the badass chick that you want to be like but also seems like a down to earth girly girl that anyone could relate to.  

Anyway, it was an AMAZING concert.  My friends & I had so much fun singing along and dancing to all her hits.  She has a great voice that holds up even when she's dancing and running all over the stage, which is much more than we can expect from most big name artists (hello, Britney!).  The whole set & production were top notch.  Totally worth the price of a ticket!

I also loved some of her outfits. She's got the skin tone and body to pretty much pull off anything, and she's not afraid to take risks.  My favourite is the yellow dress with tan over the knee boots, though all the outfits had something eye catching and unique about them.  Can't wait until she comes back for another show!

This was her outfit for her ballad portion of the show, where she sang "Take a Bow" and other slower numbers.

I think she wore this for her encore where she sang "Umbrella" to close out the show.

Her "Rihanna Navy" outfit she wore for "Raining Men".  No Niki Minaj to duet with her, but she still rocked the song on her own!

I loved the neon pink and yellow booties she wore for some of the dance numbers.  

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